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Queen from B2 to B6 Bishop from C7 to G3 ... or what I learned from this week...

Mar 25, 2020

 Week 1, since we all together started to contribute to #flatenthecurve by #stayinghome.

If you feel like me - impressed, overwhelmed, exhausted and inspired at the same time (just to mention a few emotions I went through) - you might also enjoy a moment of self analysis.

 Maybe you want to reflect and answer the following questions for yourself:

  1.  Three words that come to my mind to describe this last week…
  2. Which challenges did I overcome?
  3. Which emotions did I experience during this week?
  4. What are my most valuable learnings this week?

 p.s.: Want to share your insights or also more questions you would add to your self reflection? Please share them in the comments!

 Pps.: If you ask yourself what this picture is about? It is one of my most valuable #learnings of the week.

After some sad and stressful #conversations on the phone with my #parents, we found a way to stay in a playful #contact with each other. In this case it means that my son and my father played their first skype-chess-game (with a little help from my husband 😊). The challenge was to motivate my 78 year old father to activate skype. And yes, there are a lot of online #chess platforms, and yes, my dad could play also there. Far more convenient than sitting with two chess boards announcing each other’s moves …. But guess what? – it was so much #rewarding to do it together with his grandson ❤.

Take-away: technology can foster #relationships between #generations – we knew it for years – but now we need it!

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