Queen from B2 to B6 Bishop from C7 to G3 ... or what I learned from this week...

Uncategorized Mar 25, 2020

 Week 1, since we all together started to contribute to #flatenthecurve by #stayinghome.

If you feel like me - impressed, overwhelmed, exhausted and inspired at the same time (just to mention a few emotions I went through) - you might also enjoy a moment of self analysis.

 Maybe you want to reflect and answer the following questions for yourself:

  1.  Three words that come to my mind to describe this last week…
  2. Which challenges did I overcome?
  3. Which emotions did I experience during this week?
  4. What are my most valuable learnings this week?

 p.s.: Want to share your insights or also more questions you would add to your self reflection? Please share them in the comments!

 Pps.: If you ask yourself what this picture is about? It is one of my most valuable #learnings of the week.

After some sad and stressful #conversations on the phone with my #parents, we found a way to stay in a playful #contact with each other. In this case it means that...

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OUR HAPPY FACE LOOKS THE SAME ALL OVER THE WORLD: Facial expressions can be analyzed

Uncategorized Dec 01, 2019

A very frequent asked question of my clients is:


Can you really analyze facial expressions? Are there any scientifically proven facts beyond famous TV Shows like “Lie to me”? (http://www.paulekman.com/lie-to-me/) Or is this just pure nonsense?


I have been studying the body language (a favorite topic) for over 20 years and facial expressions are very relevant for my clients.


In our leadership programs, we use methods like Mimikresonanz® or other facial expression analyzing tools.
They are accurate, easy to learn and help my clients

  • understand their human interactions better,
  • become more aware of their environment
  • and hence enable great rapport and communication with their peers.

Some leaders acknowledge the fact that these tools make them better negotiators, others appreciate them in sales situations or in leading their teams.


So what’s the deal, in a nutshell:


There is such thing as the Basic Science of Facial Expressions...

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May the Force Be With You –Enhancing Business Success With Coaching Tools

Uncategorized Nov 03, 2019

What do coaching and management have in common – and why does it make sense for managers to borrow from the coaches’ toolbox? This article provides answers.


At some point in your workday you’d probably love to have the serenity of a Jedi – wouldn't you? Especially when your diary looks like a colorful patchwork rug, your mail inbox is overflowing – and you wonder when you’ll ever find the time to focus on your strategic work.
So, what can you do?

For a brief moment, you feel torn. Give up? Keep on like this? Or draw your light saber and chop your computer and desk into small pieces?

Well, I can't give you a light saber or awaken the Force that gives the Jedi their power. But I can give you something to strengthen your leadership.

You have a choice

Not always, of course. The systemic conditions in which we live and work can't always be influenced. Our inner attitude can, though.

When I know that certain conditions will trigger certain...

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Uncategorized Sep 30, 2019

The other week I was invited to Italy to give a keynote speech on „How to get management ready for change.” With a group of 30 entrepreneurs I discussed the key lessons I took away from working with boards and market-leading companies across Europe. Over the next few weeks, I’ll share these ten lessons with you, one by one.

One hotly debated issue among international leaders and experts is this: Is there a difference between agile change management and traditional change management?

Some say change management has always been agile, so there’s no need to learn new tools and approaches. Others say: In an agile world, we need new approaches for many things – and change management is certainly one of them, as change won’t go away and it is still picking up speed.

Well, I tend to agree to the latter. (No surprises there, right?) Over the past few years, we’ve learned quite a few new perspectives and techniques from agile management, which we can...

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Uncategorized Sep 01, 2019

Imagine you want to buy a a new sofa for your living room. You check out various furniture stores, do a few test-sits, run your fingers across surfaces, compare fabrics and colors. Eventually you pick a sofa and look forward to its delivery.

Finally, delivery day comes. The movers carry in your sofa, you show them to the living room – and get a nasty surprise: The new gem is much too big to fit between the aquarium and the cabinet! As a matter of fact, there's no space for it anywhere in that room ...

Is it possible you've overlooked something …?


No space for better coaching results?

Perhaps you find this story absurd. Who in their right mind, you wonder, wouldn’t check the basic conditions – such as the room layout – before making such a big decision?

Well, let me tell you: Things like these happen every day in corporate offices and conference rooms. Managers plan to give someone on their team some high-quality coaching – but forget...

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Uncategorized Aug 04, 2019

Washington, May 2019 – the World's Largest Talent Development Conference, a three-day event hosted by the Association for Talent Development (ATD), attracted some 11,000 people. Keynote speakers included celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey and Seth Godin. A multitude of international workshops enabled attendees to explore new topics and deepen their knowledge of others. In short, a superlative event – at which I had the privilege to host a joint session with my dear colleague Dr. Ina Weinbauer-Heidel. There were two things, however, that impressed me even more than the sheer size of the event or all the superstars. 

Astounding range of expertise

Above all, I had the opportunity to meet a number of fascinating people at the ATD, and to listen to very inspiring speeches. A particular honor for me was personally meeting some of the great minds of transfer and impact theory, including Robert Brinkerhoff and Jim and Wendy Kirkpatrick. As regards the field of participants,...

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Uncategorized Aug 04, 2019

“With top managers and strategy, it’s often like with young teenagers and sex," a senior manager once told me, "they talk about it all the time but rarely ever get down to business." Well, while this may be painful for the teenagers at worst (*if* the observation holds true), for the managers it can have dramatic consequences. Swamped in operational details, they don't have enough time left to work on a master plan. The problem isn't new, but lately it's become even more serious.

All of a sudden, everything's different from before

When asked what their most important job is, managers will usually tell you: keeping track of goals and developing a strategy to achieve them. And yet this is precisely what managers tend to neglect the most on an average workday. Why? Because day-to-day business keeps pounding at their doors, leaving no room for the greater picture. It's what I call a strategy dilemma – and you're probably familiar with it. What has recently changed,...

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Uncategorized Aug 01, 2019

On a scale from one to ten, how important is family to you? How important is it to have a partner with a good sense of humor? These are questions you typically find on dating platforms. They are designed to find out what makes you tick and what you want from a future partner. All you have to do is give a rating. A very simple methodology that can also work in a professional context – long after you’ve found your dream partner. 

The perfect colleague

Have you ever experienced structural conflict at your company? When nothing seems to work and there‘s no solution in sight? For instance, a conflict between colleagues or departments where both parties are unwilling to compromise. In cases like these, I like to use scaling questions. Quite a simple tool at first glance, as all people have do to is assess their emotional state or current perception of the situation on a scale, with both end points clearly defined. (And yes, a pinch of humor is also permitted. ;-)...

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Uncategorized Jul 10, 2019

When the railway was first invented over 200 years ago, doctors believed that its speed – less than 20 miles per hour – was a life hazard. By comparison, the current digital transformation feels like a real race. And yet: before long we will realize it’s been a leisurely ride so far, compared to what lies ahead. In other words, change won't slow down. It will continue to pick up speed – and it's high time we get ready. So what’s the best way to prepare for rapid change? My answer is: through learning.

Much more than acquiring knowledge

When I speak of learning I don’t mean the acquisition of theoretical knowledge or academic titles. Both are purely intellect-focused, whereas the kind of learning I’m talking about involves much more: It is the experience-based acquisition of skills in three areas: head, heart and hand. The more aware we are of these three kinds of skills, the better will our decision-making become – because...

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Uncategorized Jun 30, 2019

Over the past five years, the general interest in online coaching has grown enormously and so, more and more people ask me how it differs from real-life coaching. Some also express doubts, wondering whether online coaching can really work. After all, coaching is strongly based on empathy and trust. So, Masha, – they say – how do you intend to achieve that sense of closeness, that personal trust, in an online chat?

Closeness despite the distance

I have to admit I had the same doubts when I first started coaching people online some twelve years ago. I had just moved to Malaysia, so my clients suggested continuing our coaching dialogs from a distance. There was simply no other way. And yes: Today, after more than 1,000 online coaching sessions, I can tell you it does work. I strongly recommend you look into the matter and see for yourself whether online coaching might perhaps add substantial value in your situation. It has so many things going for it!

In a business world...

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