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"There’s this person on my team and I just don't know how to handle her. Can you help?" a supervisor asks her division manager. Now imagine that division manager were you: What would you tell her? This may not sound like a typical coaching-tools situation at first; its label doesn’t say "long-term people development." Well, it doesn't have to.

A full toolbox

Coaching can do much more than "just" support your big goals. Of course, setting individual development goals with your staff and regularly reviewing their progress are tools that belong in every capable manager’s repertoire. But a fully equipped toolbox will also hold effective approaches for many other, more mundane situations. For instance, when a tangible short-term goal is at stake you can help your people determine a viable approach. You don't present them with an elaborate strategy, mind you – the big hammer stays in the box. Instead, you use questioning techniques. They are a much more appropriate...

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Dear entrepreneurs, dear managers:

Whether we've met before or not – I expect you'll all agree with my hypothesis: Important and responsible tasks should only be delegated to capable, highly committed people. Which, in my experience, immediately raises the next question: Where can you find these "right", responsible people?

Apples falling far from the trees

Normally you have two options: hire new people for good money – or develop them yourself. Unfortunately, recruiting good people is becoming increasingly difficult, even with full pockets, as the war for talent is in full swing: Unless you’re a big name like Apple or Google, chances are you'll have to settle for what feels like second choice. (A popular fallacy, by the way, as talents don't only go for brands but also look at corporate purpose and culture, development opportunities, and much more. ) Ultimately, your best option is to develop your own people.

I know, I know. People development: a term that, in...

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VUCA is not only something you hear about in the daily press, but have more than likely already experienced to some extent. Things going on around us are becoming increasingly difficult to predict these days. Share prices can seesaw dramatically within a very short space of time – and have done so for some years now. Surprises seem to have become almost a regular feature of daily life, with instability the only guarantee.

At the same time, products and services are experiencing ever-growing complexity. Information and situations can now be interpreted in such diverse ways that communication is all too often complicated rather than simplified. And this proves how the challenges imposed by today’s VUCA at top management level are indeed more extensive than ever.

But are you ready for that?

Please read the entire article in the new Hero magazine.

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Uncategorized May 06, 2018

The upcoming product launch of a competitor not only casts a dark cloud over the future of your company, but also the market. Rumours about a merger at one of your top clients make precise planning almost impossible. And then just last week, one of the key people in your team collapsed due to illness, which will inevitably cause delays to current projects and potentially cost you a lot of money. For this reason, uncertainty is the second factor in our VUCA world. No doubt you have experienced similar situations. So, how do you best deal with them?

Transforming information overload into knowledge
These days, we receive more information on a single day than our business partners a generation ago got in a year. “Information overload” has become a part of daily life. But how in the world are we meant to make sense of it?

There is only one way of really getting to grips with it: Find a way to understand the mound of data and turn it into knowledge. In this blog, I aim to...

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Top managers get tired, burnt-out and trapped in the complexity of today’s world – I observe the same thing time and again. Rapid change is happening all around us. We are feeling the full impact of VUCA, with the “V” (Volatility) representing the first of four key areas: For in every sphere of life, we are living with the constant risk of having to abandon familiarity at very short notice. Suddenly, nothing is quite how it used to be, appearances deceiving at every turn in the road, surprises springing out of nowhere. Sound familiar?

Feature: The unexpected
We humans do not really like being taken by surprise – Except perhaps as children, when some positive reward is endearingly hidden behind the surprise, such as a gift on our wish-list we would never have anticipated. Less welcome though, are the surprises that mean change and letting go of something familiar or cherished. And even less popular still: the kinds of changes that occur unforeseeably out...

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For those of us in leadership positions, coping with challenging situations is a common aspect of daily life. The past 16 years of working in the field of leadership have certainly presented their fair share of typical, potentially challenging situations – both in terms of personal experience and through collaborating with clients in management. One such challenge is, of course, staff selection. So, how exactly do you find the right employees?

No doubt you are all too familiar with this kind of scenario: At times, you do not have enough applicants for a vacancy. At others, too many. And really, you have far too little time to find suitable candidates. On top of that, you are also obliged to fill the position internally and communication with the HR department, does not always flow as smoothly as it should.

Every single position in a company has its own individual profile that prospective candidates need to match. This not only includes professional qualifications, but equally...

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Uncategorized Dec 31, 2017

Did you know that our „happy face“ looks the same, worldwide?

My clients ask this often: Can you really analyze facial expressions? Are there any scientifically proven facts beyond famous TV Shows like Lie to me? Or is this just pure nonsense?

I have been studying the body language (a favorite topic) for over 20 years and facial expressions analysis is indeed relevant for my clients.

In our leadership programs, we use methods like Mimikresonanz® or other facial expression analyzing tools. They are accurate, easy to learn and help my clients to:

  • understand their human interactions better
  • become more aware of their environment
  • hence enable great rapport and communication with their peers.

Some leaders acknowledge the fact that these tools make them better negotiators, others appreciate them in sales situations or in leading their teams.

In a nutshell

The Basic Science of Facial Expressions of Emotion, an incredibly valued science, brings relevant and...

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Uncategorized Dec 03, 2017

Sometimes, people we admire and respect show up and ask for our help. „It’s nothing much, just take a look at this, please!“ It can be the colleague at work. Yes, that one favorite colleague of all, exactly that one. Or it can be a dear friend.

And most of the times we just go ahead and say yes, because we really do admire and respect these persons.

Even if we simply don’t want to. We either don’t have the time, the moods or the energy for this. Even if helping means doing something we might even dislike. Even if doing a task with a negative energy and a grumpy attitude is for sure not the treatment these persons have earned. It’s not helping them at all.

And then again, why do we do this, after all? Simply because we’re just not trained to say no to the task, but yes to the person.

So what then? Is there any decent, reasonable way to get out?

In one of my coachings, my client and I came up with this easy to adapt email template.


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So life is good: you work in an international environment and you most probably use English as your main working language. Most of the time meetings and negotiations work out fine, but then again, this one question pops up:

Is my English good enough?

Here is one proven self – evaluation method. My coaching clients love it and I hope it helps you too!

Reflect on the following four aspects before deciding to take an English course:


Analyse the results of the last 5 challenging negotiations or meetings. How did it go? What went well and what not?

Reflect the impact of using English as a working language (for you and the other party).


Get feedback from 3 trusted colleagues about your English, preferable persons with different mother tongues.

Are you easily understandable? Do you have a strong accent?


How confident do you feel when using English at work? What could help increase the confidence?

Knowing more...

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Uncategorized Oct 02, 2017

ROE (Return of Expectation) is a brilliant and relevant key performance indicator for the organizations I work with. The first good news: ROE is becoming a standard KPI for the HR management of global players. The second good news: ROE is easy to apply.

Learn more about it with this simple metaphor and understand why executives, HR managers as well as external training providers/consultants around the world are using this model successfully.

Imagine you want to climb an especially challenging mountain. In order for your expedition to be successful, you’ll need to thoroughly plan your project and then execute it accordingly. Only very inexperienced – and usually also very unsuccessful – climbers start running towards a peak without any preparation.

Instead, take this safe route to the top:


Which is the peak you want to climb? After choosing it wisely, select a route and establish what to use as your GPS. Example: how are you...

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